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Aromatherapy offers blends of aromatic waters or essential oils prepared to suit the individual , both clinically and for self-help. Blends may consist of sprays, creams, ointments and tonics for face, neck or hair. Topical applications can be offered through body massage or Champissage, a traditional Ayurvedic practice, which has been handed down from parents to daughters and sons.

Therapeutic body massage with Aromatherapy includes a variety of special therapeutic and selected medicinal essential oil or plant extracts, which make for better health and beauty. Aromatherapy in its diverse forms of topical application is suitable with the following conditions and symptoms:

Aches & Pains

Anxiety, low mood & stress


Digestive ailments

Hair and scalp problems

Loss of deep sleep and insomnia

Dry skin problems

Menstrual disorders

Postural aches and stiffness

Shoulder and back tension

One of the immediate benefits of Aromatherapy massage is a feeling of increased mental clarity and sudden sensation of lightness as if from a burden, which had been carried on the shoulders. Such benefits can be reaped from your very first treatment. For more lasting health and wellbeing effects, especially with chronic conditions, massage is advised at least once a fortnight. 

Champissage with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy with Ayurveda Indian upper body massage is offered, which is often called Champissage. This type of treatment allows for the application of ad hoc selections of aromatic medicinal plants. Such personalised blends of distilled hydrolats or lipid-soluble essential oils may be either blended for inhalation or massaged onto the scalp or applied in a facial specific treatment, whilst delivering an upper body massage above light, comfortable clothing to a comfortably seated person on a chair.

The whole session may last just half an hour and is the fastest treatment we offer and may be booked right from the morning, in order to better start the day. This option is recommended for its simple form, overall speed and economy of time, while affording rapid stimulation of blood flow to tight upper back, shoulder and neck muscles.

Benefits of scalp massage with Aromatherapy treatment include mind and body relaxation without sedating, while the whole person is revitalised and ready to enjoy life, particularly after a working or study day sitting at a computer or after carrying bags or luggage after travelling.

Aromatherapy blends can be selected to stimulate hair growth, balance diverse scalp conditions and treat the causes of hair thinning and hair loss or to relieve upper body muscle tension.

Relaxing facial treatment has the added bonus to beautify the complexion at no extra cost and application of a concluding craniosacral pranotherapy and energetic rebalancing of the seven chakras, which affords a sensation of calm and inner peace.

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