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NLP for Health

 NLP helps to compassionately open the doors to new life during the most challenging moments, in order for you to

tap into your potential by setting desirable, realistic and sustainable goals, gain and maintain momentum in the short, medium and long terms, whilst maintaining ideal work-life balance... 

Be ready to change your life and it will never be the same again...

Gain control of your emotions, become a non-smoker, loose weight, manage allergies and pain. 

NLP can free you from anxiety, phobias and trauma and improve your relationships.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) facilitates healthy lasting, conscious and unconscious habits by producing positive communication, which interrupts patterns of thinking and behaviour, which no longer serve you.

After completing a course of reflective counseling or analytical psycotherapy, a consultation in NLP and Results' Coaching may prove crucial in boosting self confidence.

ELENA RENIER, MNIMH, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching and Hypnosis.

NLP uses techniques at the cutting edge of personal development:

Results Coaching aimed at one unique and complete goal at once, conversational Eriksonian Hypnosis, Neurological Repatterning and a multitude of ad hoc Visualisation tecniques, which help you manifest your natural creative and intuitive talents, in order for to spontaneously stay ahead of likely visualised scenarios.

The trainer will guide you to metaphorically transform "lead in to gold" by helping you exploit specific universal principles to realistically turn situations to your best advantage. 

To this effect, you will be shown how to fully recognise personal challenges and find ideal solutions, which will guide you to return to your most natural state of innocence and creativity such that your body will talk about the new you!

Tipically you will never require more than three consultations (maximum) to realign a single objective with your emotional patterns and you will return only once you have set for yourself brand new goals towards your desired level of success.

  Before any new appointment you will be motivated to carry out well defined action steps to bring about your transformation.